INTERRA GRMS and Smart Hotel Solutions

Hotel Software (GRMS) with Integrations and Interface

GRMS can be interfaced with hotel software or Hotel PMS, so that the preferred air conditioning, lighting, ambiance settings are automatically adjusted as soon as the guest check-in is shown.

The main purpose of using GRMS is to consistently meet the needs and expectations of guests in their rooms.

Mobil Check-in / Check-Out

One of the most important issues of the smart hotel system is mobile check-in / check-out. It allows guests to use their smartphones for check-in or check-out in their spare time without having to wait in line at the reception, summarizing key statistics on this rising trend and the implications mobile check-in / check-out can have.

Custumization Service

In terms of operations, no two jobs are the same. If you want an intelligent Hotel Management System solution that fits your business perfectly, we can do it for you. With our customization service, you can customize your own hotel Management System exactly the way you want it.

INTERRA Solutions

Details from Solutions!

Correctly Designed Room Modes for Maximum Energy Saving

Correctly Designed Room Modes for Maximum Energy Saving

Each is envisioned and reshaped to provide the most optimal comfort and savings. Modes automatically switch according to the condition of the room and play an important role in minimizing the energy consumption of the operation, which is the highest.

  • Housekeeping
  • Economy
  • Custom modes
  • Air conditioning scenarios
  • Comfort mode
  • Sub comfort mode
  • Welcome scenarios
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Sleep/Night modes
  • Frost protection
Comfort and Technology in One

Comfort and Technology in One

Imini Hospitality, besides allowing hotel room controls, allows you to invoke room scenarios. You can use "clean the room", "do not disturb" modes conveniently. With integrated temperature sensor and logic capabilities it applies comfort modes and saves energy. Your guests can enjoy comfort via both Imini panel and mobile.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile control, Interra Pro applications package is available to VIP users on all operating systems and platforms. You can do all room controls with a single touch.

Interra EIO Solution

Interra EIO Solution

Do you need a simple solution that allows you to control all of the electrical applications in hotel rooms? Interra offers you a unique combination of EIO. EIO is a modular device with configurable inputs and outputs with hotel System Manager with this smart interface, you can remotely manage and control all the applications (heating, air conditioning, lights, shutters, etc.) in your room.

Hotel Services

Hotel Services

You can allow many activities such as SPA, Taxi, cleaning, sports, concerts, meals etc. to reach the room guest. You can contribute to a unique experience and to the image of the facility by providing this in an interactive way. The concierge/services are completely flexible and they have a structure that can be shaped according to the facility. All services of the facility and informational advertisements can be delivered to rooms and mobile devices via concierge service.

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